50th celebrations postponed

The Town of Brome Lake council has taken the decision to postpone the 50th anniversary celebrations until next year but the fireworks will still take place in September.  With the current COVID-19 restrictions, it would not be possible to accommodate EVERY citizen and, as Mayor Burcombe says, “if we cannot do it right, it is better not to do it at all.” Hopefully,  the much anticipated celebrations will be enjoyed in 2022 by both current and former residents of TBL.  For the maximum number of people to see the fireworks, without gathering at one destination, they will be launched from a barge on the lake. To increase their visibility, they will be high altitude fireworks. Citizens will be able to see them from all around the lake and many other vantage points. 

For your information, every month the mayor, and Ghyslain Forcier, communications manager, file a video “Council at a Glance” highlighting the main happenings of the month. This appears on Facebook but also on the TBL website. It is a good way to keep abreast of events in a succinct and light-hearted way.