Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting – July and August 2021

By Katherine Jacques 

own projects 

A contract was given to Agora to build a 4-season rink at the Ovide-Dagenais Park in Foster. The paving contract for Douglass Beach and Tiffany Park has gone up by just over $39,000 due to the increase in the price of asphalt this year. The medical clinic renovations are complete, eliminating one washroom and a storage room to add more space for the new doctor arriving mid-September. 

Human resources 

A new Project manager – Technical services, Laura Lee has been hired replacing Jonathan Simard. 

Marc-André Boivin has been promoted to Chief – Technical Services & Foreman – Public Works eliminating his Project Management position. 

Two new inspectors were hired in June: Andréanne Ouellette and Jimmy Gaulin. 

Pierre Fortier is the latest member of the Environment Consultative Committee.

Municipal elections 

A bylaw setting the renumeration of elected officials for the coming municipal election has been adopted. The electoral process will begin in September with nomination papers being accepted between September 17 and October 1, 2021. 

St. Paul’s Condo Project 

Public consultation was held in July about the condo project behind St. Paul’s church. Many people showed discontent with the project and have sent emails on the subject. The elected officials decided to send a communication to the promoters with two requests: A letter from the Anglican diocese showing they support the project and showing where the money will be distributed _ to St. Paul’s church or to the diocese; The promoters will have to provide their plan on how they will convince the citizens in the area to support the project. They have until the end of August to respond. 


Garda has been patrolling the beach and Tiffany Park controlling access as well as social distancing measures. They have already given out many fines to those not respecting the parking and such rules. Originally there was a fine of $10 should regulations be broken. At the July council meeting a bylaw was proposed to increase the fine to $40 and in August it was adopted. 

Blackwood Dam 

The dam project is ready to begin in September but the authorization from the Environment Minister is still missing. If the certificate is not received soon the project will have to be postponed to spring 2022. 

Next meeting: Tuesday September 7 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome