Watch out for the Bridle Shiner

Translation: Renaissance Lac Brome 

The Bridle Shiner is a small 6 cm freshwater fish declared vulnerable in Quebec. It is recognizable by its black lateral stripes and inhabits the calm waters of seagrass beds in streams and lakes. It prefers clear waters and feeds mainly on micro crustaceans and aquatic plants. Its habitat is a place rich in biodiversity, favorable to the food supply and reproduction of a multitude of fauna and plant species. It is virtually extinct in many parts of its historic range. In Quebec, it is mainly found in Lake Saint-Pierre. The preservation of this species observed in Lake Brome since 2011 is crucial for its preservation, considering the degradation of its habitat in Lake Saint-Pierre. 

His threats in Brome Lake 

The greatest threat to the Bridle Shiner is the degradation of its habitat. Navigating the lake’s shallow seagrass beds resuspends bottom sediments and fragments aquatic plants, preventing fish from feeding, reproducing, and sheltering from predators. It is therefore strongly recommended not to travel in these areas in order to preserve and restore the natural state of aquatic and riparian vegetation. 

Protective measures 

The Renaissance Brome Lake (RBL) team is committed to protecting the lake and its ecosystem. To preserve the Bridle Shiner habitat, RBL has developed a conservation plan that includes, among other things, the installation of buoys in areas with a high concentration of Bridle Shiner. Installed within a few weeks at the mouths of Coldbrook, Pearson, Inverness, McLaughlin, Point Fisher and Quilliams streams, they will limit motorized navigation in these areas and reduce disturbance to its habitat. This innovative project is subsidized by the Wildlife Foundation and supported by the town of Brome Lake.