West Bolton Council

Tony Rotherham

December Present: The mayor and all councillors were present.

Part 1: 2022 Budget Meeting

The detailed budget will be posted on the municipal website. The tax rate will be increased from $0.48 to $0.50 per $100 of evaluation. An increase of 4%. The deficit shown on the table below will be covered by transfers from other municipal accounts to balance the budget. Charges for garbage collection will remain the same.

Taxes on a property valued at $400,000 will be $2,187 in 2022, an increase of $70.

Major capital expenses: Reconstruction of Paramount Rd and the emergency route onto Summit Rd. Major work is required between Mason Rd and Chemin de la Tour.

Part 2: December Council Meeting Urbanism – Seven permits were issued over the past month. There were nine applicants to fill vacant positions on the Advisory Committee on Urbanism (CCU). The new committee will include two members of council.

An advisory committee will be formed to study the status of the town hall and make recommendations.

The mayor announced that all urbanism and town planning regulations will be reviewed and brought up to date. Step 1: Decide what the municipality should look like in the future and then develop regulations to guide new development in that direction.

2022 Council Meetings – A list of dates for council meetings will be posted on the town website.

Special meeting January 12 The mayor and all councillors were present.

The purpose of the meeting was to consider and approve a motion to borrow $1,416,900 from the Royal Bank of Canada at a rate of 2.39% interest, to pay for improvements to Bailey, Brill, Spicer and Foster Roads. The money will be repaid over a period of five years.

January 17 The mayor and all councillors were present.

Residents asked about: 1) the reserve placed on a parcel of land near the Thirsty Boot; 2) borrowing $1.4 million to cover road improvements; 3) approval to clear an additional 500 m 2 for the construction of a new house and driveway.

Urbanism – Two permits were issued including a major house renovation.

The residential property tax rate for 2022 of $0.50 per $100 of evaluation was formally approved.

Councillors Nancy Lanteigne and Eddy Whitcher were appointed to the committee to coordinate implementation of a community program to promote agricultural and food production. The project has been supported by a grant from MAPAQ (Min of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) to assist similar programs in 8 communities in our MRC. Roads – Improvements to Argyll Rd will be delayed until the next opportunity to apply for a subsidy.

Work is almost complete on the development of the MADA (Municipal programs to assist the elderly) policy for West Bolton. It covers the 8 areas of policy and facilities designated by the province. When complete it will be translated into English. The next step is to develop a practical action plan to meet the real needs of West Bolton.

Next meeting: February 14, 7:30 p.m.