West Bolton Council – May 2022

Tony Rotherham 

The mayor and all councillors were present. The independent auditor provided a summary of the municipal financial report for 2021. The full report will be posted on the municipal website. 

Urbanism – An application to build a new house on Paramount was approved. Applications to the CPTAQ to permit renovation of a house on Tuer Road. and to enlarge a residential lot on Fuller Road. to include the site of a well, were approved. The municipal building inspector has resigned.A notice of employment opportunity will be posted immediately. A selection committee to review applications will be established. 

Drinking Water testing program – Water sampling kits and instructions will be available at the town hall on May 15. Samples must be returned on May 30. 

Public Security – The Family and Seniors Policy will be announced at 10 a.m. on May 21 at the Community Centre in Knowlton. Please register by May 15. 

Roads – A request for tenders will be posted for major repairs on Paramount Road. The work will not start until the request for a provincial subsidy to cover the costs has been approved. As of May 9 no response has been received on the request for the subsidy. 

Question Period – Discussion continued on the type of gravel used on roads. The gravel must meet provincial specifications on size and compaction. The choice of gravel is up to the contractor. It was explained that applications to the CPTAQ involve very small areas of land. 

Next Meeting: June 6, at 7:30 p.m.