Tempo is closed because of a fire

On Saturday October 8, there was a fire in the basement of Tempo’s offices. The
fire department put it out and there was no fire or water damage to Tempo’s
offices. However, there was smoke damage. Everything in the office, furniture and
electronic equipment was covered in a thin layer of soot. The odour of smoke is
everywhere. The insurance company advised us not to touch or move anything. A
company that specializes in fire damage repair moved everything in the office to its
facilities to be cleaned. That includes the vital computer equipment.

The office itself will need new drywall and flooring. This could take three months.
The November issue of Tempo is cancelled. We may come out with an abridged
digital edition, but that might be difficult. There is a no timeline on when we get
our computers back.

We think we have found temporary office space and hope we can be installed in
time to produce the Christmas issue of Tempo.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers and advertisers