Can You Believe: September 2016

  • A grandmother was driving home on Maple St. with her teenage grandson, when she spotted something in the road and swerved to avoid it. The young man, seeing from the passenger window that it was a briefcase, told his Grandma to stop. Seeing no-one nearby that it might belong to, they looked inside and found that it contained a wallet full of cash, a cell phone and a whole array of personal files and belongings. Rather than going door-to-door to try to find the owner, his Grandma stopped in at Barnes on Victoria in Knowlton. An employee was very helpful and, after some research on the computer, called the number listed on one of the papers and the wife of the briefcase owner answered the phone.

As the honorable pair were about to return home leaving the briefcase at Barnes, a stressed and concerned man entered the store and much was his relief and gratitude to be reunited with “all his life” inside the briefcase. He wanted to reward the boy for his honesty and concern but he responded that he was just happy to have done a good turn. It turned out that the man was a real estate agent and, while putting up a sign on a lawn, he had put his briefcase temporarily on the roof of his car and then driven off. Later in the day, fully appreciating how much he owed this honest young man, he returned to the grandmother’s home and insisted on giving the boy a reward for his integrity.

  • The mayor was driving down a driveway on Lakeside when he was startled by an object which landed in front of his car and bounced on to the grass. He stopped to check to see what treasure had dropped from the skies and found a large, partially-eaten, fish. He later discovered that three bald eagles had been fighting over their would-be dinner and one of them had dropped it.