West Bolton Council Meeting: January 2017

All Councillors and the mayor were present. There were eight residents in attendance.

Questions – A resident questioned the application of the bylaw concerning false fire alarms. The bylaw will be reviewed and revised as necessary in 2017. Suggestions from residents are welcome.

Urbanism – Two permits were issued. Value $100,000. Two inspections were completed. 371 certificates of inspection and pumping of septic tanks have been received. Nine are outstanding. Six bylaws concerning environmental protection were revised to conform to MRC regulations. Two minor derogations were approved: the height of a fence and an application to the CPTAQ for land subdivision and sale.

Administration – The schedule for Council meetings was revised to accommodate holidays on Canada Day, July 1st.

Roads – The frequent freeze-thaw cycles have made road maintenance difficult. More sand will be applied to sections of Spicer Rd.

Fire Report – One false alarm. Cost- $3511.

Mt Foster – M. Lussier has requested a meeting with Council to be held during the week of Jan 16 to 20 to find a way to bring the Mt Foster development into conformity with municipal bylaws.