Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting: February 2017

Mayor Richard Burcombe chaired the meeting with all councillors except Mr. R. Laflamme. About ten citizens were in attendance.

First question period  – A citizen asked if all three golf courses that do not meet the requirements concerning the use of fertilizers would be fined. The mayor said he could not answer. Director General Gilbert Arel added that a letter was sent to the administration of all golf courses but so far no answers. Another citizen asked if the town intended to purchase a piece of land to turn it into a natural park (see Opinion, February 2017 “Acquisition of Land for Public Use in Town of Brome Lake”). The mayor replied that it was an excellent project which Council will discuss before coming to a decision.

Administration – Council granted the engineering firm Genipur a $211,380 contract for the West Brome mobile homes park water and sewage system. The contract is conditional on the town obtaining a provincial grant to cover the cost of the project. Council agrees to pay $40,000 to Renaissance Lac Brome  to carry out a partnership in order to revitalize shorelines.

Human Resources – The position of town engineer and director of technical services is abolished. Carl Fiset will receive a termination amount of $26,519 together with the equivalent of six months salary and a $3,000 transition allowance. A new position of mechanic/operator is created; it will be filled by Jean-Phillipe Roy.

Notice of motion and bylaws – Council adopted a borrowing bylaw of $1,2M to renovate the Town Hall building (See art. P. 5). As is the case for every borrowing bylaw, a register will be set up at Town Hall on March 2, 2017. Adoption of first draft of various amendments to zoning bylaw 596-6; a public consultation on the bylaw will be held on March 6.

Land use and environment  – All requests for minor derogations were granted.

Leisure, culture and community life  – Council granted financial assistance to: Brome County Historical Society, $50,000; Theatre Lac-Brome, $20,000; Pettes Memorial Library, $108,000; Massey-Vanier Excellence Fund, $1,000; Tour des Arts, $4,000; Knowlton Medical Clinic, $10,000.

The town together with Recreation and Community Services agreed to authorize the use of Douglass Beach by Aviron Quebec. A special access will be set up at the beach this summer.