Brome Lake and its scenery inspires designer

A Brome Lake resident for just over a year, Marie-Claude Hevey is a designer that creates  the images and patterns printed on the fabric used by Volt Design for its collections of original and stylish women’s clothes sold at over 400 outlets around the world. She chose to settle here because the energy of the lake and surrounding countryside stimulates her creativity. This fall, Volt will launch its Brome collection of clothing inspired directly by the lake and reflecting all of its beauty.

It was while paddle-boarding that Marie-Claude had the idea for this new collection and the inspiration for the resulting colours and patterns. Volt Design is much more than just a garment maker: Marie-Claude designs the patterns or “artworks” that are printed on the fabric while her cousin Ann-Marie Plante designs the clothes and accessories. Every Volt garment is a work of art and every woman its unique expression. There is a colour scheme to each collection and the Brome pieces will feature greens, greys, blues and earth-tones.

Originally trained as a graphic artist, Marie-Claude slowly branched out into designing prints for textiles. At first, she produced a few artisanal dresses, working from her house in Bromont, but as Volt became bigger, her cousin Ann Marie joined her to help design the collections. The two designers had the dresses made up by seamstresses in the region who squeezed their orders between larger ones. The same seamstresses still work for them but on a much larger scale now. Everything – the design, the choice of fabrics, the printing and the sewing – is done in Quebec. Making a product locally is important to Marie-Claude and her associates.

After a few years of running her company alone, her cousin Ann-Marie and Jacques Brouillette officially became her associates, so she can concentrate on what she likes most, creating “artworks” that will be printed on Volt Design collections. Her associates take care of design, administration, and marketing and it is Jacques who has helped them propel the company in the international market. Marie-Claude’s move to Brome Lake has inspired her even more and it is promising for the future collections. Volt garments have been featured regularly on television and have even been seen on the Croisette in Cannes during the film festival. They can be bought at Urbaine des Champs in Sutton and Tribu in Magog, as well as online. For more information: 

Translation: Brian McCordick