Public Works – Victoria Street & Mill Pond Plaza

The tilting sidewalks on Victoria won’t be replaced until next year. Town Council didn’t like the look of the bids to do the $2.2- million infrastructure project, so it will be done next year.

The town will also re-do the sewage and water mains on Victoria stretching from Maple to Center. When it comes to the sidewalks, plans are to make them safer, considering they are used by children from the two schools as well as the daycare centre.

“We are looking to keep the sidewalks on one side of the street, so people don’t have to cross to the other sidewalk at a detour,” says Robert Daniel, Director of Public Works. He added that the speed limit on Victoria will be reduced to 40 kilometres per hour.

Council will put out a call for tenders in January and work would start later in the year. The whole project will take about 20 weeks, but it will be timed so that the section in front of Knowlton Academy will be done during the summer vacation.

One job that will get done this year is the demolition of the Mill Pond Plaza, which the town has purchased. Daniel says it will be torn down after Thanksgiving so as not to disturb events such as the Duck Festival or tourists visiting the area during the fall foliage season. He says demolition should take two to three weeks.