Can you believe

A journalist was off on an assignment in Cowansville when she spotted flashing lights behind her, and she realized that the police wanted her to pull over. She was surprised since she was driving within the speed limit and couldn’t imagine what she had done wrong. It turned out that her license plate had an “F” on it, which denoted that it was a commercially registered vehicle. Apparently, all “F” vehicles have to renew their registration in March and she had not done this. Since she pleaded total ignorance to this law and had only possessed the car for nine months, the policeman waived the fine of $500 and told her to drive home directly and not move the car again until the license was renewed. To accomplish this, the woman coerced a friend to drive her, on the back of his motorcycle, to the SAAQ in Cowansville, in order to be able to renew the car’s license and be able, legally, to drive again.

• Two dogs were being taken for their morning stroll on the walking path between Victoria and the beach but at different times and in opposite directions. However, their paths finally crossed and, when they spotted each other in mid walk, the excitement was so palpable that they only had eyes and noses for each other. The owners were flabbergasted that their pooches were completely unaware that there was a large deer and several smaller ones within 100 meters of the path. It is amazing how an all-absorbing friendship can build up between a border collie and a golden retriever.

• A pair of chickadees, after a thorough home inspection, decided to hang out and raise their family in a fancy two-holed nesting box located on a porch. There was a great deal of bird-play and coming and going before a down-payment was made and a lease signed. The only strange happening has been the sound of tapping coming from inside the box, and the owners are mystified by this occurrence … Any ideas? Do birds in fact tap-dance? A baby announcement should be reported shortly.