Sweet transfer

Meredith Mackeen

Lynn Matthews, owner of La Vie Sucrée smiles as Tamara Hamelin prepares to take over the business under the new name of La Touche Finale. Since 2006, when she opened La Vie Sucrée, Lynn Matthews has been selling her fudge and Christmas decorations. The most wellknown buyer was the actor Richard Gere, when he was in a film “I’m not there”, set in Knowlton.

Mainly Lynn sells to people from here and Montreal but has shipped as far away as Salt Spring Island B.C. and Nova Scotia. Her experience with food dates back to childhood as she observed her mother, Margaret, (Trixie) Matthews baking and catering. The quality of her fudge has brought her recognition on television shows such as La petite seduction and La vrai nature.

She advises new business owners “to do something you really like. Owning a business is a big responsibility. You have to be all in to succeed. It’s like having a baby that never grows up.”

This advice is a good start for the new owner, Tamara Hamelin, also from Knowlton, who describes herself as a Christmas nut. For a while, Lynn Matthews will play an advisory role and gradually the new owner will add her own touches. Tamara Hamelin laughs thinking of chocolate lollipops and expanding on-line services. In the meantime, she welcomes people to come in, say hello and see what’s new. She adds “one-on-one service is always the best.”