West Bolton Council Meeting : July/August 2021


All councillors and the mayor were present by Zoom.

Question Period – The work on the bridge on Bailey Road is two weeks behind schedule. The bridge should be open around July 9th. 

Urbanism – Seventeen permits with a value of $1.7 million were issued last month. Total value of construction in 2021 is over $8 million. The requests for minor derogations for property on Brill Road and Mt. Foster were approved including an increase in the number and size of “rain gardens” to accommodate any increase in the volume of surface runoff. Construction of a parking lot to accommodate hikers on Mt. Foster was approved. 

Correspondence – West Bolton will not be affected by Bill 96. A majority of residents are English speaking.
Administration – The mayor provided a review of significant actions taken by council over the past four years.
Roads – Reports of speeding continue to be received by Town Hall. A radar speed recorder will be rented for two months to assist the SQ in stopping speeding vehicles. 

Environment – The MRC requires all municipalities to complete a plan to protect and conserve all wetlands, streams and ponds. OVB Yamaska and Renaissance Lac Brome are assisting with the preparation of the plan. 

Councillor Vaillancourt reported on a program to test samples of water from several streams for caffeine. This test will provide information on the efficiency of septic systems in the municipality. 


Present – Mayor Drolet was on holiday. Councillor Briggs was absent. The meeting was chaired by Councillor Vaillancourt 

Question Period – There was a long discussion about controlling the speed of vehicles on West Bolton roads. A portable radar speed monitor will be rented to determine which roads are most affected and a plan of action will be developed. Residents with suggestions on ways to control speeding vehicles should contact Town Hall. All councillors are still considering whether to run for re-election on the November municipal elections. There is no new information on plans for the town hall. Additional land is needed to expand the existing building or for a new building on a site near the Thirsty Boot. Discussions with landowners continue.
Urbanism – 14 permits with a value of $80,000 were issued last month. Two minor derogations were approved for construction of a house at 81 Paramount and a garage at 4 Prospect Rd. A request from the Brome County Historical Society for financial assistance to evaluate the condition of St Andrew’s Church on Tuer Rd was approved.
Administration – Councillor Cedric Briggs tendered his resignation from council. A motion of appreciation for his many years of service on council and planning committees was passed.
Public Health – The population of ticks and the incidence of Lyme Disease is increasing in the area. Please read the information on the municipal website on how to avoid tick bites, Lyme disease and other diseases spread by ticks. 

Next Meeting: Monday, September 13th at 7:30 p.m.