TBL Council – September

By Katherine Jacques:

St-Paul’s Condo Project The Anglican diocese sent a letter to the town saying that all the proceeds from the sale of the lot will be put into an account to be used by St-Paul’s church. The interest from the capital will be used for operations and part of the capital can be used for any major renovations or purchases needed.

There was a meeting between the promoters, Mayor Burcombe and Gilbert Arel. The promoters stated that they plan to speak to all neighbours, in the proximity of the proposed building, to convince them of the merits of the project. The plans will also be modified taking into consideration some of the comments received.

The mayor reiterated that it is not the council but the affected citizens that should make the decision about whether the project should go ahead. A letter was sent by the town, to the relevant individuals, giving them all the opportunity to be better informed. Should anyone have any further questions, please reach out to the appropriate parties to avoid any misinformation.

Questions The need for a crosswalk for the bike path on Lakeside close to Argyll was brought up again. It has been allowed by the Minister of Transport if it is perpendicular to the road in question. It is currently at a 45-degree angle and so work will need to be done on the east side to make this feasible.

Town projects The 4-season rink at the Ovide-Dagenais Park in Foster will be gaining a player’s shelter.

The town has prepared a 50th Anniversary Book that should be available by the time you read this.

The council voted to participate in the “Communauté nourricière” project that promotes reducing food waste, proximity agriculture, as well as a new strategic plan for our region’s agri-food development.

Next meeting: Tuesday October 4 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome