Town and country water

We are now in the third, and worst year, of a drought in our region. Wells in some of TBL’s more rural communities, such as Iron Hill, have run dry. Farmers with livestock face ruin. This situation is widespread throughout the larger region of the Eastern Townships meaning that well-drillers cannot cope with the demand. Many homeowners have had to resort to trucking in water from Granby to fill their wells. 

Are the more rural residents of the Town of Brome Lake on their own, or can they expect help from the town? What kind of help? Short term, this could mean a subsidy. Longer term, maybe help to install structural improvements such as grey water systems, rain capture and deeper wells. 

There is precedent for help. The town solved the water short- age in the inner part of TBL. The viability of the rural parts of our town deserve council’s attention