West Bolton Council Meetings: September & October 2021


The meeting was opened by Mayor Drolet, but since he is recovering from an accident, Councillor Vaillancourt took over the chair. Councillors also present were L. Allen, R. Chartier and G. Asselin. 

Question Period – A decision on purchase of land for a park near Beaver Pond has been postponed. It was emphasized that this purchase is completely separate from a decision on the town hall. Officer Turner of the SQ outlined the specific information (time, location and type of vehicle) on speeding on municipal roads that is required to allow the SQ to take effective action. 

Roads – Maintenance contracts were approved: a 3-year contract for snow clearing of Glen and Stagecoach roads, with an optional extension for 2 years, ditch and culvert maintenance, alterations to the bridge on Brill Rd over Autoroute 10, resurfacing of Brill, Spicer, Bailey and Stukely and soil testing on Paramount. Decisions on the resurfacing of Paramount will be made in 2022. 

Environment – There is a colony of bats in the attic of the town hall. With the help and advice of ACA steps are being taken to protect these endangered species. 

Public Safety – A bylaw to reduce the speed limits on West Bolton roads has been proposed. See list on the municipal web- site. 

First Responders – TBL established a First Responders service in 2003. West Bolton joined in 2020. West Bolton residents made 23 calls for assistance in 2020 and 34 in 2021. This service may save your life. 

More recruits are needed. If you are interested in serving the public contact Alan Bowbrick through the TBL Town Hall. 


Present – The mayor and all councillors were present by zoom. The mayor opened the meeting with a reminder that it is Fire Prevention Week and asked residents to check all fire alarms,  chimneys and wood burning stoves.

Question Period – The drought has caused several shallow wells to go dry. The MRC is conducting a study of the level of the water table. Putting speed signs on all roads will be expensive and ugly. A speed limit of 50 Km/h on all roads might be simpler. 

Urbanism – Thirty-nine permits were issued over the past two months. Minor changes for work on a driveway and a road on Mont Foster were approved. 

Administration – Temporary staff will be hired to manage the municipal election on Nov 7. A bylaw to prevent harassment, rude behaviour and violence in the workplace was approved. 

Roads – A contract for gravel on Paige Road was approved. Major repairs on Paramount Road will be carried out in 2022. Replacement of an old culvert on Mason Road included an expensive surprise. An old, leaking oil tank was found under the culvert. The tank and 100 tonnes of contaminated soil were removed. If you have an idea who might have buried the tank please call town hall. 

Environment – Residents whose shallow wells have gone dry during the drought should contact town hall for information. 

Public Safety – A dog caused an injury to a pedestrian. Dogs must be tied or on a leash to ensure public safety. 

Mayor Drolet thanked all those who have been involved in the management, administration and provision of public services to the municipality over the past eight years. 

Meeting of the new Council: Monday, November 15, 7:30 p.m.