Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting – May 2022

Katherine Jacques 

Short-term rental 

Two opposing groups have come forward prompting the register to be opened and starting the referendum process: the first wanting to remove some of the restrictions and the other wanting to restrict short-term rentals completely. Currently short-term rentals are not permitted in most sectors of Brome Lake.  If the municipality does not adopt a new bylaw regulating short-term rentals for principal residences by March 2023, the provincial government will allow them without restriction.

Fire Department 

There was a large presence of the fire department at the meeting this month. A Human Resources firm has been hired to mediate between the town and firemen to resolve the issues that have come up over the past few months. 


A 6-wheel truck has been approved for purchase to replace one that is beyond repair. The town garage will be adding a horticultural shelter for more storage.

Beach & Lake 

The parking lot work has begun at the new lake access donated to the town by the CARKE foundation on Bondville road. The town has applied for a grant to build the sanitary block and the contractor is lined up to begin as soon as it is approved. The canteen at Douglass Beach will be run by Jessica Page. There will be three members of the nautical patrol out on the lake this summer.

West Brome
Work on the West Brome Mobile Home Park has finally begun so, hopefully soon, the residents will no longer need to boil their water. 

Grants to the schools
St-Edouard received a donation of $7,500 to build an outside shelter like the one at Knowlton Academy. Knowlton Academy was given the same amount to buy equipment and material for the Nature Nerding program.

SCAOPI Carré Julien
A public meeting was held and the second Draft Project was approved for the new development of seven buildings or 67 units on rue Julien, behind Garage DCS. Should no-one object by the next council meeting, the derogations will be allowed, and the project can move forward. 

Next meeting: Monday, June 6 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome