Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting – June 2022

Katherine Jacques 

Financial Results 2021 

There is a surplus again this year of $1.9M due to mutation taxes (Welcome tax). The number of houses sold increased as well as the value of those houses. That surplus will be going towards roads, the Town Centre Dam project, and building the new fire station. 

Changing of the guard 

Pearl Duquet has been the face of the Community Centre and has worked for the town for over 20 years. She is taking her retirement at the end of June and will be sorely missed. Fortunately, Emily Spour-Willey has been working part time in this important role and will be taking over. 

Short-term rental 

There were 373 names registered to prompt a referendum to decide on the fate of short-term rentals in Lac-Brome. The council will take the next month to figure out next steps and come to the July 4th meeting with their proposal. 

SCAOPI Carré Julien 

The project planned on Julien Street has been withdrawn after receiving 95 signatures (only needing 12 to provoke a referendum). The developer will continue with building but will do it without the need for any derogations and conform to all the town bylaws. This will reduce the number of units being built and keep the buildings to two stories instead of three. 

Grant applications 

The town has applied for two grants for the two upcoming construction projects. The first is to help with the cost of the fire station and the second is for making the sanitary block at the new Terrasse CARKE in Bondville more accessible for people with mobility issues. 


The path crossing Lakeside near Argyll has been adjusted to 90 degrees and the new signage will soon be installed. Speeding is an issue on Bondville road. The town plans to reduce the speed limit in some sections from 50 to 40 km/hr and a stop sign and crosswalk will be added at the new CARKE beach area. 


The town is in constant communication with the recycling and waste company and is aware that there are issues. There have been many complaints about citizens mistreating town employees. Should you have any issues, please be respectful in your dealing with these members of staff. They are not the cause of your frustrations. 

Citizen Meetings 

The town has begun the public consultation meetings after two years of not being able to gather. They are an informal way to discuss any municipal issues with your councillor, mayor and director general. The Foster & Bondville sectors had their meeting in June. Upcoming meetings: Fulford Tuesday September 13th at Davis Community Hall; Knowlton and East Hill Tuesday September 27th at Centre Lac-Brome. Dates for Iron Hill & West Brome are to be confirmed. 

Next meeting: Monday July 4 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome