West Bolton Council

Tony Rotherham


The mayor and all councillors were present.

Town Planning – The new Building Inspector- Jules Varin- was introduced. He reported that 11 permits had been issued for a total value of $439K. The province has decided that houses built before 1940 are considered heritage structures and permission is required before demolition. Allow 90 days to process the application. The request to permit music and shows requested by the Thirsty Boot is in conformity with town regulations.

Roads – Contracts to rebuild Paramount Road and to supervise the construction were approved. The town will borrow $2.3 million from BMO to cover the cost of rebuilding the road. Residents hope that engine brakes (aka “Jake Brakes”) will not be used by trucks on the job.

The Dept. of Transport will be asked to revise the speed limit on the section of Glen Rd between #243 and the Coldbrook Bridge to 55 km/h and install signs. A more general discussion of speed limits in West Bolton will be held later in the year.

Public Safety – The administration will get information on cost and operation of a radar speed notification device.

Town Hall renovations – The committee appointed to review the facilities in the town hall and determine what additional space and facilities are needed, has started work. When a careful review of the changes required has been completed, the report will be presented to the community for discussion with residents. This will probably take place in the autumn.

Environment – Many residents have roadside shelters for garbage bins. These shelters must conform to municipal regulations. Please consult the Building Inspector for information. All bins must be moved from the roadside within two days after garbage collection.

Leisure and Culture – A request for approval of the “100aB7” cycling event on Sept 25 was approved. A request to permit filming on Stagecoach Rd was approved.


The mayor and all councillors were present.

Questions – Discussion included speeding on municipal roads and the lack of police action, planning for new speed limits and signs on some roads. The possibility of a shortage of water due to climate change and the drought in 2021 and steps that may be taken to maintain the water table. The future of the Town Hall was discussed at length; assessment of the need for additional space continues, an architect will be hired to assess the present building and estimate costs of renovation. All this will be evaluated by a committee of two members of council and an experienced resident followed by public consultations in the autumn.

Town Planning – 13 permits were issued for a value of $528,900, including one new house.

Administration – Notice of Motion was given for a cost-of-living revision of salaries and expense allowances for elected officials and municipal staff.

Roads – Work continues on Paramount Rd.

Environment – The Municipal-MRC agreement for review of forest management and harvesting operations will be renewed for a year. A map showing the location of Giant Hog Weed and photos of the plant will be posted on the website. Please inform the town office of any additional locations infested with the weed. The municipality will remove the poisonous plants. A cluster of Phragmites in a pond will be removed.

Leisure and Culture – The agreement with TBL on recreational activities will be renewed.

The West Bolton Annual “Meet your Neighbour” event will be held on Saturday August 27 from 12 noon to 6:00 PM at 31 Town Hall Rd. All residents are invited to attend and enjoy a BBQ and cold drinks.

Next Meeting: Sept 12, at 7:30 p.m