New Principal at Saint-Édouard School, Valérie Boudreau

Translation Robert Paterson

After completing her studies in Ottawa, Valérie Boudreau began her career as a preschool teacher in the greater Montreal area. Passionate about everything related to education, Valérie made a name for herself through her great involvement in the schools where she worked. After 5 years teaching kindergarten, she went on to teach at all levels of elementary school, and then took the plunge into education consulting.

In 2017, with the support of many colleagues, Valerie decided to take up the role of Principal. The following year, Valerie, with her family, moved to the Eastern Townships. This move brought her to Saint-Édouard School this year. This wonderful school offers her the chance to work with a passionate team with whom she can share her vision of education through which all students can succeed. 

“It is a real pleasure for me to work in such a magnificent environment where the collaboration of parents and the community is so rich.”

Valerie is also a member of the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation and Chair of the Commission on Preschool and Elementary Education.