Reconstruction of Paramount Road 

Nathalie Rivard 

Almost three years ago, after mobilizing my neighbours, we approached the municipality to have Paramount Road redone, because it was not acceptable to live with the threat of having to leave our homes during each thaw period. I even went to the council with some of my neighbours to explain our situation. 

The cost to completely resurface the road was estimated at over $2 million, money that was not available to the municipality. A grant had to be obtained. The road was also to be repaired in such a way as to allow traffic to pass through while the work was being done since Paramount Road is the only access road to Mount Foster and Mount Gauvin. Eureka! In late spring, we received confirmation that the grant from the Ministry of Transportation had been obtained and that the project was moving forward. What a relief! 

The calls for tenders were sent out and Roger Dion et Fils 2006 inc. was mandated to do the work. The project was even completed under the original budget of $1.6 million before taxes. The municipality also added a section to its operating budget ($15,000) because a problematic culvert at the corner of Chemin des Hauteurs would have caused runoff in the spring. In all, there were 52 days of work in the fall of 2022 between August 9 and October 24, for 1.9 km of road resurfacing between Glen Road and de la Tour Road, with a total of 10 men working on the site. 

Mayor Denis Vaillancourt and his director Jean-François Grandmont would like to thank Minister François Bonnardel for obtaining this grant, as well as engineer Bruno Lortie who made the plans and supervised the work from start to finish. Of course, thanks also go to the entire team of Roger Dion et Fils for their professionalism and efficiency in successfully completing this complex project without too much hindrance to the residents.