For the birds

By Meredith MacKeen 

The website, Brome Bird News, is created in Knowlton. Tatsiana Thomson creates this show as part of her job as marketing and sales manager for Brome Bird Care. Her husband, Rugge Thomson, shoots and edits the program and Dr. Brian Bird, a retired McGill Professor, provides research about birds. “While the purpose of the company is to sell bird feeders,” Tatsiana adds “you can’t ignore the birds, nor their environment.” 

The website features birds from all over the world because it has multi-national viewers. Also, people send in questions. The website address is

Tatsiana has several bird feeders in her back yard and her favourite visitor to the feeder is the Tufted Titmouse which prefers to eat nuts. She also loves the Gray Catbird which sings a melodious mixture of nasal and squeaky notes interspersed with mew sounds. Hence the reason for its name. It eats insects on the ground and berries. Although not found in this area, Tatsiana finds the Western Tanager, with its fiery yellow feathers, the most exotic bird in North America.