West Bolton Council – April 2023

By Tony Rotherham 

All members of council, and eight residents were present. 

Questions included – Agricultural land zoning: green and white zoning was imposed by the province in the late 1970s to protect agricultural land. This legislation is administered by the ‘Commission pour la protection des Terres Agricoles du Québec’ (CPTAQ). 

Twelve short-term rental properties have been approved in West Bolton: 6 are listed on Airbnb. 

Specialist consulting services were required during the engagement of new municipal administrators. 

Town Planning – Eleven permits with a value of $1.2 million were issued in March. There is a vacancy on the Urban Planning Committee. Applications can be made at the town hall. 

Administration – Girafe will continue to provide cyber security services for the municipal administration. 

Roads – A contract to provide technical advice on road maintenance and to supervise resurfacing of Stagecoach, Fuller, Argyll and Brill roads was approved. The speed limit on lower Glen Road will be reduced to 45km/hr and the stop line at the junction of Glen Road and Route 243 will be moved a bit to provide a better line of sight for cars turning onto Route 243 Bolton Pass Road. 

Environment – In May the municipality will organize a drinking water testing service for residents. Information will be available at the Town Hall. 

The results of the 2022 IDEC testing of water quality in the creeks in West Bolton showed that all creeks that flow into Brome Lake are in Category A. The detailed report will be posted on the Municipal website. 

Next Meeting: Monday, May 1, at 7:30 p.m.