Thank you for running

On November 5, many of us will be called to the polls to elect a mayor and the six municipal councillors in the five municipalities that Tempo covers. However, in the four municipalities where the mayor has been elected by acclamation and many councillors also, some citizens will not be required to vote. With the exception of East Bolton, there is a high rate of election by acclamation.

It is a huge commitment to run for office and we should be appreciative of the citizens who choose to put their name forward to serve the community as mayor or councillor for four years. They are required to implement a municipal management programme for the benefit of both their town and their citizens. Knowlton is actually witnessing the implementation of a vast strategic plan that will make the town a better place to live.

Since we are daily swamped by opinions on just about everything, we tend to be so overwhelmed by what we read, hear and see in the media that we are left with a feeling of helplessness and frustration. However, being responsible citizens comes with some obligations.

Municipal elections are a form of direct democracy. We usually know the people we elect locally, and often personally, concerned with the issues raised at the municipal level. We can witness and experience the impact of decisions made by our council. We can shape and influence those decisions. As responsible citizens we have a duty to be involved in the electoral process by voting.

Assessing and choosing local representatives based on who they are and above all their programme, allows responsible citizens to vote as informed citizens.

On November 5, go vote.