Can you believe: June 2018

• One Friday afternoon in April, a woman was unpacking her grocery purchases from the IGA when she heard her telephone ringing. It was a clerk from the IGA calling to advise her that her wallet had just been handed in at the front counter of the Knowlton store. Little had the shopper even realized that her wallet was missing. Her heart was in her mouth as she quickly drove back to the store. Thoughts of having to replace all her important documents, credit cards, etc., not to mention the cash that must be missing raced through her head.

The smiling clerk, recognizing her as she hurried through the door, happily handed her the vagrant wallet. Much to her surprise, and incredulous relief, there was absolutely nothing missing. There was no way of identifying the honest wallet returner and, should they be reading this message, Michelle wishes to thank them from the bottom of her heart.

• Did you know that a toilet plunger was a multi-faceted tool? Luckily, the concierge at Centre Lac-Brome had one handy when a recent event occurred. A man drove to the community centre to pick up his wife, who was playing bridge, and on returning to his car discovered that he had locked the keys inside. An ingenious fellow card player had read something on the internet which proved accurate and very handy. The toilet plunger was pushed against the keyhole of the elderly Volvo and by applying a little force and suction, the door lock button moved upwards and the door unlocked.

• Driving on a country road on the first warm and rainy night in the spring can be a devastating experience since there are a multitude of frogs trying to hop across the road. They are looking for courtship and breeding grounds in any body of water they can find.

• Similarly, there are an abundance of suicidal worms that hear the rain and surface to look for a mate or they may mistake the sound of raindrops for an approaching mole. In any event, finding themselves stranded on asphalt driveways provides fodder for the chubby Robins that we are seeing in our gardens.