Town of Brome Lake Council Meeting – February 2022

By Katherine Jacques 

The council meeting was not held in person due to COVID restrictions, but it was offered live using Facebook so questions submitted throughout the meeting could be addressed in the second question period. Hopefully we will be together for the next meeting. 

Changes to Short-Term Rentals 

There was a Notice of Motion about the changes to Zoning Bylaw 596 – Bylaw Concerning Short Term Rentals. Public consultations began February 28 and preliminary documents are included, starting on page 19 of the agenda for this meeting, on the town website. 


Now that the ecocentre on Mill Road is permanently closed, a concerned citizen worries that hazardous materials and electronics may end up in the regular garbage. Paint can always be dropped off at Rona or Barnes (Home Hardware) and the Cowansville Ecocentre is available to accept any of these items. 

Garbage Calendar 

Some might have noticed that the collection calendar for the com- ing year has garbage only being collected every four weeks, beginning in November, for the winter months. With the addition of composting, garbage quantities should be greatly reduced, and winter temperatures prevent odours. This should also defray some of the additional costs caused by adding composting. 

Human Resources 

Sylvie Asselin is the newest member of the Recreation, Community Services and Tourism team as Administrative Assistant. 

Next meeting: Monday March 7, at 7 p.m. TBD.