Domestic abuse help 

Alison Marks 

When ten women were killed in Quebec within the first four months of 2021 due to domestic violence, (now called intimate partner violence), the Quebec government and women’s groups everywhere sprang into action. The government promised emergency measures in the form of $223 million to support various shelter programs, and women’s groups across the province loudly protested the lack of a comprehensive policy to end domestic violence. 

With this in mind, it would be naive to imagine that domestic violence does not also exist in the Lac Brome region. Facts from report that 85% of victims of domestic abuse are women, and overwhelmingly, their intimate partners are the perpetrators. The object is domination of the partner through threats and controlling measures over friends, access to family, access to money, communications, memories, children, religion, and movement. The victim ends up feeling ashamed, isolated, and terrified. 

So what to do if you are or someone you know is living with psychological, verbal, or physical abuse? First the victim should contact a confidential place of safety such as the police, a shelter, a mediator, or a notary and they can help the victim develop a workable plan. Victims of this horrible, hidden crime are not alone. 

The Domestic Violence Helpline 1-800-363-9010.