Communiqué from Aviron Knowlton

Robert Paterson 

Fifteen hundred children from local schools will get involved in rowing in the next three years thanks to the work of Aviron Quebec (AQA), the Quebec Provincial Rowing Association. As a start in 2022, AQA has already involved the students of Knowlton Academy and will include Massey Vanier later this spring. 

In addition to AQA’s indoor program, Aviron Knowlton (AKR), the local rowing club, will bring 100 students from Knowlton Academy and Massey Vanier to Douglass Beach this summer. Included in this ‘Introduction to Rowing’ will be a further 50 campers from Salamander. Thirty students from this pool will progress to a 15-hour ‘Learn to Row’ program. Funding for these programs was provided by the Brome Missisquoi MRC. 

Gavin McKay, AQA’s Head Coach, Development and Performance Director, adds “The Quebec Rowing Association is working to develop rowing across the province. The partnership with Aviron Knowlton is a tremendous help.” 

Key to all of this growth in school rowing was a decision last year by Knowlton Academy principal, Renalee Gore, to run a pilot scheme. As with her work on the school garden, her pilot in rowing has encouraged other schools to follow her lead. 

Beyond school rowing, AKR is also offering summer camps to the local youth between the ages of 8 and 14 in July and August. This is in addition to AKR’s normal adult rowing programs. 

Rowing will take place from the tent on Douglass Beach. Details of all programs can be found on AKR’s website.