Every tab helps 

Susan Jacques 

Have you ever noticed the glass jar at the exit of the Knowlton IGA, where you pick up circulars and weekly free newspapers? This jar is designated for the collection of aluminum alloy tabs from cans of soft drinks, beer, cat food cans, etc. These tabs are collected for the benefit of the Shriners Hospital for Children. The beauty of this project is that as well as getting the deposit back from your cans, you can also remove the tabs for a worthwhile cause. Dexter Larose, a Mason and a Shriner, is the overall coordinator of this fund-raiser and over the years millions of tabs have been collected and recycled for money for the Shriners Hospital. As well as the IGA, tabs can be dropped off at Place Knowlton (Depanneur Rouge), Arnold Royea at Petits Moteurs, and Chez Moi Chez Toi in Bondville. Every little bit helps and this is just another wonderful example of people in our area helping a worthy cause.