TBL Council – July & August

Katherine Jacques and Lorraine Briscoe

Mill Pond Dam Restoration The dam project has begun. Phase one will include the replacement of the dam. Citizens will notice an increase of 1.2 m of the water level. The project should be complete in December. No road closures are expected.

First Responders

Previously, the First Responders were paid $50/shift that they worked no matter how many calls they responded to. The new salary conditions now pay them $23/hr for the time they spend on calls at a minimum of 3 hours.

Day Care in Municipal Buildings

With the lack of daycare space, there is a pilot project allowing municipalities to rent out rooms in their buildings. The old Teen room in the Centre Lac Brome will be made available to a day care center should the project move forward. Parents who want to know more are to contact: cynthia.brunelle@lacbrome.ca Short-term rental

As was communicated in the TBL press release of June 30, elected officials decided that the proposed bylaw regulating short-term rentals will not be subject to a referendum.

The main reasons for this decision are the cost and the use of resources associated with holding a referendum. Instead, a special committee comprised of citizens, town staff and elected officials will be formed. The committee’s mandate is to come up with recommendations that will be incorporated into a final draft of the bylaw to be presented in early 2023.

Citizens in favor of and against renting for stays of less than 31 days will be represented on the committee. This committee will begin its work in September. The idea of having two bylaws, one for principal residences and another for secondary residences will be considered.

SCAOPI rue Julien Pierre Wilkie and Frederic Morency have submitted a project for 8 buildings with 12 condos each at the end of rue Julien (not behind DCS garage). There are several derogations in the project: the number of floors, the height, and the number of buildings. The developers are meeting with residences in the area before a public consultation meeting is organized.

Old IGA property 472 Knowlton Road The old IGA building is in the process of being demolished and United Construction has presented a plan to build 10 buildings (8 units each). Some of these buildings will be sold as condos and others will be rented. The project respects the current bylaws, so no referendum process is necessary. However, five of the buildings will require the approval of the environment minister as they are on wetland. The elected officials have granted an agreement in principle.

Human Resources The town’s public works department has hired Louis-Charles Tetreault full time in Parks and Infrastructure as well as Michael Hume as a truck driver. Michael Gee is now a permanent employee as a janitor of Centre Lac-Brome.

Citizen Meetings Upcoming meetings start at 7pm: Fulford – Tuesday September 13th at Davis Community Hall; Knowlton and East Hill – Tuesday September 27th at Centre Lac-Brome. Iron Hill & West Brome – October 5th at Auberge West Brome.

Next meeting: Tuesday September 6 at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome