TBL Council – September 2022

Katherine Jacques 

Garbage pickup schedule change 

Garbage will only be picked up once every four weeks from November to March. With the addition of the compost bin, there was a reduction in the amount of garbage. This will save 10 days of pickup in the year. 


Four more of the sculptures donated by Claire Leger and Claude Allaire have been added. Three can be found on the linear path and the last on the property of Art Lab (341 Knowlton Road). Signs are also planned for all the sculptures. 

Citizen meetings 

Iron Hill & West Brome – October 5th at Auberge West Brome. 

SCAOPI Rue Julien 

Public consultation was held on September 19th for the project at the end of Julien Street.
After a two-year hiatus, Volunteer Appreciation night was held on September 23rd. Out of respect for Brome Lake Ducks and the challenges they faced this year, organizers decided to cancel Canard & Gourmandise 2022, but assure everyone that it will be back next year in all its splendour. 

Circulation committee 

There are a lot of requests sent in about road safety and security. To standardize the process for handling these requests, a new committee has been formed, falling under the director of Public Security. 

Zoning change by Canadian Pond 

Canadian Pond would like to build a warehouse on a lot they own behind their current location on Knowlton Road. The zoning needs to be changed to add the commercial building. The public is welcome to give their feedback as usual. 

Loss of town employee 

Jeremy Davignon passed away at the age of 49. He was a valued employee from the Public Works department with over 28 years of service. 

Next meeting: Monday, October 3rd at 7 p.m. Centre Lac-Brome