West Bolton Council – Sept. 2022

Tony Rotherham 

The Mayor and all councillors except J-P Pouliot, were present. 

Questions – Road safety, speed limits and the various types of gravel used on municipal roads were discussed at length.
Town Planning –12 permits were issued for a value of $380,000. A short–term rental permit was approved for 66 Glen Road with a suggestion that the owner inform all renters to be careful when exiting the driveway onto Glen Rd. Construction of a driveway to a new house on Paramount Rd was approved.
Administration – Annual salaries for the mayor ($12,486) and Councillors ($4,162) were approved. The committee to examine renovations to the town hall was appointed. The mayor, two members of council and two residents, supported by an architect, will examine and recommend renovations to the town hall. 

Councillor Jean-Pierre Pouliot will be moving away from West Bolton and has resigned from council effective August 31st. A by- election will be held on November 6th, 2022 to elect a new councillor to replace him. Eddy Whitcher was appointed Pro-Mayor. 

Roads – Work continues on Paramount Rd. The first progress payment of $288,526 was approved. Contracts to clean ditches, short-term rental of machinery and to gravel a short section of Brill Road were approved. 

Environment – On Sept 9th the Appalachian Corridor celebrated the opening of the new hiking trails on Mt. Foster. The trails start at a new parking area near the top of Paramount and lead to the Scout Tower on the summit of Mt Foster. The view from the tower is spectacular. Hikers are welcome. No dogs allowed. 

A service to provide water quality testing for drinking water, particularly from shallow wells, will be provided on October 11th. Information will be sent by mail and info letter. 

Next Meeting: October 4th, at 7:30 p.m.