West Bolton Council – Nov. 

Tony Rotherham 

The mayor and councillors Allen, Whitcher, Asselin and Lanteigne were present.

The mayor noted the election of Marie-Blanche Richer to council and thanked M. Rollert for his interest in municipal governance. The reconstruction of Paramount Road has been successfully completed thanks to the teamwork of the contractor, consulting engineer, municipal management team and provincial government.

Questions: Council has not yet decided whether to renovate the Town Hall or build a new one.

The reserve on the lot near the Thirsty Boot hotel has been removed.

The testing of well water was a good idea. It would be interesting to map the results to see if any regional characteristics are evident. Snow conditions on the mountains are different than at lower elevations. Residents should let the Town Hall know about heavy snowfall in the hills.

There was a short review of the history (1960-present) of the ski hill on Mt. Glen and possibilities to reopen the ski hill. There were several questions about steps to control speeding on municipal roads. It is time to move from planning to action. 

Town Planning: Nine permits were issued for a value of $2,751,500.

Administration: The mayor will represent West Bolton on November 11 at the Cenotaph in Knowlton. The jurisdiction of the Municipal Court in Waterloo will be extended to cover West Bolton.

Roads: An offer to prepare an engineering report on resurfacing of sections of upper Brill, Stagecoach, Fuller and Argyll roads was approved. The town will assume responsibility for road maintenance on Gauvin, Laporte, des Appalaches and Crow Hill.

Environment: ACA has proposed that four wildlife corridors be established over Autoroute 10 between km 68 and 143 to allow safe passage for migrating wildlife. West Bolton supports this proposal and will take steps to protect habitat adjacent to the proposed corridors.